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Top 10 BESS Investors in Europe

10 May 2024

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PF Nexus recognises 10 of the biggest BESS investors in Europe

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) investment in Europe is gaining popularity due to its ability to provide backup power and reduce curtailment.

According to Aurora Energy Research, Europe intends to invest €70 billion in BESS to have 95 GW grid BESS capacity by 2050.

BESS investment is driven by Europe’s decarbonisation effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. With political and regulatory support, countries such as Germany, GB, Ireland, Greece, and Italy have the most attractive market for battery energy storage systems.

BESS is vital to the green energy transition. The storage systems allow for grid stability by storing excess renewable power generated, preventing blackouts and brownouts. As of 2023, Europe installed 5 GW of BESS, but the continent is projected to have installed 42 GW of grid-scale BESS by 2030.

Major players in the European BESS Market include Scatec ASA, Engie UK, Gresham House, and RP Global. Discover, research, and shortlist partners, competitors and prospects from Europe and across the world via our comprehensive AI-powered data portal. 

Top 10 BESS Investors in Europe

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Identifying Investors for your Project

Finding investors for a BESS project can be difficult. Investors often have large networks which may make it a challenge for obscure/unseen projects to penetrate the market.

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