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Top 10 Solar Players in Latin America and Caribbean

14 Jun 2024

Top 10 Solar Players in Latin America

PF Nexus recognises the top 10 solar companies in Latin America and the Caribbean

In this article, PF Nexus recognises the contributions made by the top 10 solar companies in Latin America and the Caribbean toward the global energy transition.

Latin America is a global leader in renewable energy, with renewables accounting for 60% of the region's electricity—twice the global average. The continent is rapidly developing its wind and solar capabilities to meet ambitious renewable energy targets while also working to boost energy efficiency. Despite being one of the most climate-vulnerable regions, Latin America is taking decisive action to accelerate its clean energy transition. Solar PV systems, wind turbines, and hydropower are the most widely utilized renewable energy technologies. Brazil, Mexico, and Chile are leading the renewable energy charge in Latin America with large-scale projects underway. With abundant wind and solar resources, Latin America is driven to become a renewable energy giant in the coming years. Supportive policies, falling technology costs, and the need to address climate change are propelling the region's renewable energy boom.

Solar energy is at the forefront of the global shift toward renewable power generation, playing a pivotal role as one of the fastest-growing renewable energy technologies. The versatility and scalability of solar, especially photovoltaic (PV) technology, allow it to meet a wide range of energy needs, from sustaining remote off-grid communities to providing electricity to major urban centers. Solar PV is the technology of choice for developers of utility-scale solar farms, distributed commercial and industrial (C&I) rooftop projects, and smaller residential rooftop projects.

As an emissions-free technology, solar energy offers significant environmental benefits, directly supporting several UN Sustainable Development Goals. It is poised to play an increasingly central role in the global renewable energy transition as costs continue to fall and supportive policies expand.

Renewable energy has grown rapidly, becoming one of the world’s largest industries and even overtaking Oil & Gas in some respects. Many major companies have emerged from the green energy revolution, with hundreds of firms playing pivotal roles in the energy transition. Some of the largest players in the industry are project developers, renewable energy investors, and financial, technical, or legal advisory firms.

Top 10 Solar Players in Latin America and Caribbean

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