Wind Development

Top 10 wind developers in Europe

5 Jun 2024

Wind Developers

PF Nexus recognises 10 of the biggest wind developers in Europe

Wind energy has become a significant source in Europe’s energy production, reaching a record high of 4.2 GW of offshore wind in 2023.

Intending to reach 30 GW a year of new wind on average to meet its 2030 targets, the EU Commission continues to improve capacities to boost wind power in 2024. Europe’s leading wind market is Denmark, reaching the highest energy production and consumption in 2023.

The ongoing improvement of wind turbine technologies increases power generation efficiency, making wind power investments more attractive.

Major players in European wind power development include Scatec, SSE Renewables, and Aquila Capital. Along with pushing the energy transition forward, these wind developers are committed to innovating more opportunities to mitigate global warming and achieve net zero goals. You can learn more about these companies by searching our renewable energy ecosystem database.

Top 10 Wind Developers in Europe

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Identifying developers for your capital

Finding developers and/or projects for wind energy funds can be difficult. Ensuring your developer aligns with your fund’s location, technology, and capacity is important.

Using a renewable energy project marketplace like PF Nexus provides a straightforward and efficient way to discover wind developers and their live deal flow. PF Nexus is used by over 3,500 developers, investors, and lenders from across the world. This includes small, regional developers up to transnational large-scale utilities.

How does it work? Simply, register your account and access the platform’s live projects marketplace to search for wind developers/projects that fit your requirements. PF Nexus allows you to filter developers by technology, region, capital, and build stage. Moreover, you can set project alerts fitting the criteria you want your developer to have. This streamlines the process, eliminating manual outreach and ensuring you are connected with committed and responsive developers.


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